A CLOSER LOOK… Five More Minutes

Webmaster A CLOSER LOOK!

This morning I listened to a new song written and sung by Scotty McCreery – FIVE MORE MINUTES.  Even while listening, my mind raced through so many times that I wished I had “five more minutes” to bask in the enjoyment or the specialness of the moment.

I don’t know about all of you, but it seems as though my life has flown by.  Yes, I remember things and times and places and people; however, did I really appreciate everything God was permitting me to experience.  Yesterday my spouse and I celebrated our anniversary – 46 years.  My Goodness!  Has it really been that long?  It feels like we said our vows not so long ago but yet the years have slipped by.

When I think of these years together I don’t really think of all the “stuff” we have accumulated; the accolades of degrees and job positions; I don’t even think of travels that the Lord has permitted us.  Recalling past years are filled with moments of having quiet nights with my hubby; special dinners on special days; holding my babies as they fell asleep in my arms; watching my children rejoice as they completed their first lap in the pool; the excitement of my children being accepted into college; and the glow on their faces as they said “I do.”  These are the times that become most important in my memory; these are the times that hold the most special meaning and with each one I say, “Lord, I wish I had “five more minutes.”

Now in our later years, my husband and I are looking closer to those special times with children, grandchildren, family, AND each other.  We are grabbing those “five more minutes” much more often these days because I believe we have come to realize what is REALLY important in these years, months, days, minutes that God is giving us.

All you who are reading this, reach out for “five more minutes.”  Don’t let them slip by.  Linger a little longer with your loved ones and treasure those moments.  Laugh a little longer, hold hands a little tighter, caress that little baby in your arms a little longer.  These are the moments you will remember.