A Closer Look… I Give You Peace!

Webmaster A CLOSER LOOK!

I recently had a conversation with someone very dear to me about “peace.” I have thought much about “peace” in these days and this is what I came up with. Peace has to begin in me. In Luke 19:42 the Word says: “If you had known in this day, even you, the things which make for peace!” All over the world people are searching for the way of peace but all we see are more wars, more shootings, more divorce, more rebellion — where oh where is peace?

MY peace must begin with me. I cannot be in contention with another and wonder why I do not have peace. Will we ever have “peace” in this world? Maybe I am a pessimist (or maybe a realist) but I think not — not until our Lord Jesus Christ Himself returns. But as we read on in Luke 19 in verse 44, we read the answer to what makes “peace:”. . . . “…because you did not recognize the time of your visitation.” Each one of us has a “visitation” of the Lord — not only at the time of our first accepting Him as savior, but each time there is an area of “un-peace” in our lives.

Think about the areas of your life, right now, that rob you of peace — in your home, your family, your work, your relationships. I would venture to say that you have not “recognized the time of your visitation” in these areas of your life; you have not permitted Jesus to permeate these situations with Himself and His perspective & character. My first battle in this world is coming to “peace” within my own skin. I must put this world into the hands of the One who made it — only He can bring the peace. Receive your visitation today — give to Him ALL of your unrest! Selah.