A CLOSER LOOK… Kitchen Table

Webmaster A CLOSER LOOK!

Yesterday we had several people in our house for a gathering and it was wonderful.  On the kitchen table is where we placed all the food to be shared — there were many bowls and plates and drinks; forks, spoons, knives; coffee, cream, sugar;  iced tea, juices, etc. etc. etc.– everything that makes a gathering so enjoyable.

On my kitchen table is a white, plastic tablecloth with small splashes of color.  Needless to say, my white, plastic table cover was no long “white.”  It had large splashes of coffee; brown sauce stains from the serving bowls; dried clumps of food which had fallen from the serving spoons; drips of tea and juice.  As I proceeded to clean these very obvious stains, I expected my table cover to look cleaner and cleaner with every wipe of the cloth — THIS WAS NOT SO!  The more I cleaned the dirtier my white, plastic cover looked.  As I got rid of the big stains the smaller ones, hidden in the cracks and among the splashes of color, became more evident.  As I cleaned those, even smaller ones began shouting out at me, “Clean me too, I’m still here!”

Through this progression I began to realize that my life in Christ is the same.  The large, obvious stains of my life were the first to be seen and the first to be cleaned.  However, as I cleaned up these big spots, other areas that were hidden became more noticeable:  false beliefs; bad attitudes; unforgiveness; and so on.  Working on these aspects of my life is on-going and sometimes, something will pop up that I had no idea was there — maybe something hidden in pride or past memories???  I keep my scrub-brush, the Word of God, close at hand to maintain the clean covering that my Lord has given me.

My kitchen white, plastic cover?  Yes, I finally got it clean, but will have to make sure I am ready to clean it again if it gets soiled.