A Closer Look… Ruins

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A Closer Look… I Give You Peace!

RUINS — A falling down; the remains of something destroyed.

People pay thousands of dollars to go to a distant place and stand in the midst of “ruins.” They stand in awe imagining what that world must have been like in its day of glory. That monument will probably never be brought back to what it once was but we find it something marvelous to see. As I think of this word “ruin” I find sadness in it because something that breathed life is now gone, something that teemed with purpose is now abandoned. We often think of ruins being something of the past, however, many of us walk around daily in the midst of ruins — relationships that have fallen apart; dreams that have dissipated; purpose that seems to be no more. My life was once a ruin but my God did not abandon me. He restored the brokenness that I was. Instead of giving up on me, He came to restore. That is what we must do with our “ruins.” We must NOT ABANDON but put back together, piece by piece. God is a fixer; He is a restorer; He is a redeemer of all of our ruined lives. God loved me and I was broken — He put me back together, piece by piece. If you love something, don’t abandon it. Put it back together, piece by piece, in Him, the rebuilder of the ruins.