A Closer Look… I Give You Peace!

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I recently had a conversation with someone very dear to me about “peace.” I have thought much about “peace” in these days and this is what I came up with. Peace has to begin in me. In Luke 19:42 the Word says: “If you had known in this day, even you, the things which make for peace!” All over the …

A Closer Look… How Great is the Distance

Webmaster A CLOSER LOOK!

“How great is the distance that separates man from God.” As I read these words one of my morning devotionals, I could not move from them. It was as though a rock had fallen upon my chest and I read these words over and over. There is no ruler, no measuring tape that can give me a “distance” between God …

Youth Summerfest

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“Summerfest was honestly one of the best experiences of my life.  Other than playing games, meeting new people, and being closer to my friends, I had felt a connection with God and understood the preachings.  The praises we had were filled with joy and worship, and all the people were really amazing.  Summerfest and this time with the youth group …

Deacons Annual Gathering

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We celebrate and give thanks to The Lord To show gratitude and support of the Deacons ministry, this year we attend “to remind ourselves that we are not alone in our ministry.” This is a wonderful ministry. “It’s a ministry you cannot execute without sacrifice. But there is great reward.” Here are some pics from this event….   

A CLOSER LOOK… Five More Minutes

Webmaster A CLOSER LOOK!

This morning I listened to a new song written and sung by Scotty McCreery – FIVE MORE MINUTES.  Even while listening, my mind raced through so many times that I wished I had “five more minutes” to bask in the enjoyment or the specialness of the moment. I don’t know about all of you, but it seems as though my …

A CLOSER LOOK… Kitchen Table

Webmaster A CLOSER LOOK!

Yesterday we had several people in our house for a gathering and it was wonderful.  On the kitchen table is where we placed all the food to be shared — there were many bowls and plates and drinks; forks, spoons, knives; coffee, cream, sugar;  iced tea, juices, etc. etc. etc.– everything that makes a gathering so enjoyable. On my kitchen …


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WOMEN’S RETREAT April 29 – May 1  Hello everyone, just a quick report on how WONDERFUL the women’s retreat was this past weekend.  We were VERY BLESSED in having Pastor Linda Leroux as our guest speaker and, believe me, she and the Christ in her did not disappoint as she taught on our being TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, THE PLANTINGS OF …

The Joy of Missions

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Are you looking to be part of missions and experience life changing ministry? On this part of our missions trip we were able to minister to more than 80 pastors and 50 different churches represented and some of their congregants. Every service 100’s came to the altar for more of God. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke in …

El Salvador Missions Trip | First Day

Pastor Tom Gibson Missions

As we start out on our mission trip to El Salvador we realize how thankful we are for our liberties we still have in North America to be able to freely gather together with no gangs or terrorists to stop or threaten us at this time. In this precious country of El Salvador many have to risk their lives and …

Fusion Camping Trip

Pastor Tom Gibson Youth

Well our youth group had their first camping trip this year! And it was amazing… We had a total of 24 kids coming and 6 adults… 2:00 pm was the time as the convoy of 3 automobiles leaves the parking lot of the Sup of the Lord with their destination set for Wilderness Presidential Resort for the annual youth camping …