El Salvador Missions Trip | First Day

Pastor Tom Gibson Missions

As we start out on our mission trip to El Salvador we realize how thankful we are for our liberties we still have in North America to be able to freely gather together with no gangs or terrorists to stop or threaten us at this time. In this precious country of El Salvador many have to risk their lives and children’s lives to attend church or gatherings.

On our first day as we ministered to approximately 30 pastors and their spouses, many were touched and set free by the Word of God. The Spirit fell in words of knowledge and wisdom to many of these Pastors and spouses. Words revealing trials and problems in the past and present, and blessings and help to come. God gave one of these pastors a word that he was weary of the trials and ready to give up. God came and literally lifted him up naturally and spiritually as He did many others. Many had tears in their eyes and were encouraged in God.

After the meeting ended one of these pastors came and said he was tired and weary and ready to quit. The gangs have threatened and attacked his people and young girls coming to church and while in church. One time 30 members of a gang attacked them and they lost half their congregation due to fear after that encounter. He was going to give up as it is difficult to go on knowing he or others could die or have other terrible things happen to them. But he said that after today he was encouraged to stand up and give his life for Christ and others.

I cried as God used us to help many pastors and congregations like this. If you are called to missions you can help us in many ways.

  1. You may want to come and serve and be used
  2. You’re willing to give your life for the gospel of Christ
  3. You may not have the ability to go but want to be part by giving financially to help those who go.

We covet your prayers as we go into many countries like this. If you can’t join us in person, please join us with your prayers and/or finances. Many opportunities are available. Be blessed.

Pastor Gibson