Fusion Camping Trip

Pastor Tom Gibson Youth

Well our youth group had their first camping trip this year! And it was amazing…

We had a total of 24 kids coming and 6 adults…

2:00 pm was the time as the convoy of 3 automobiles leaves the parking lot of the Sup of the Lord with their destination set for Wilderness Presidential Resort for the annual youth camping trip. 50 minutes was the destination time for the trip as per the trusty GPS. Little did we know that 95 South had no mercy on travelers. Twenty minutes into the drive we look over to our GPS now powered by the famous Waze and it said that our travel time was now going to be 1 hour and 30 min. Twenty minutes later are travel time to the resort was 1 hour and 45 min. WE WERE STUCK IN A TIME WARP. Traffic was a complete stand still on 95 S and a slow moving 30 mph on the side streets. After almost 3 hours of traveling we finally reached our destination… Let the Camping Begin!

We checked in and were ready to take this weekend by the horns. We drove up to our camping spot and saw that we had a very spacious lot configuration with plenty of room for our 4 tents, 4 cars, grills and tables. Cars were parked and it was time to set up camp. We carefully picked the location for our tents and then commenced to build the tents with the help of all 6 leaders and all 24 youth. The first 9 person tent went up, followed by a 6 person tent and then two more 9 person tents would complete the making of our homes for the next 2 days.


The 14 youth boys along with Kenny went to go get some fire wood to start a fire for tonight’s warmth as Pastor Mike started the grill to prepare tonight’s Dinner with the help of the rest of the leaders. As the fire wood team returned from their 10 min walk (45 minutes later…. LOL), everyone with pieces of wood and kindle under their arm or over their shoulders, a hard wind and a sudden fast darkness came upon the atmosphere… A storm was brewing.

Fire was lit, Hotdogs were ready, youth were accommodated to their tents, leaders were all organized, it was time to EAT… But nature was not having that. The rain suddenly poured down like an enormous sprinkler had just been turned on at full blast. Everyone ran, to the tents and to the vehicles. The leaders making sure everyone had some shelter from the rain and the youth making sure they had some food before they ran to the shelter. Rain, Rain and more Rain was what we saw for about an hour. The weather calmed down, everyone ate and that was the end of the first night.


The next morning began with some breakfast and a teaching about Family Forgiveness given by leaders Kenny and Patricia. Soon after, we were ready to have fun… The group broke up into 2 teams, some to go to the Zip Line and some to go to the Soccer fields and play some futbol. Two hours later it was lunch time and the many different sandwich combinations were made as fast as they were eaten. It was now time for some Kickball, Soccer, Football and Basketball. These sporting activities took the rest of the beautiful sunny afternoon of 66 degrees to its close and it was time to prepare for our second and final night at the camping site.


The smell of hamburger filled the camp ground air as Pastor Michael once again manned the grill to prepare our dinner. The youth and the other leaders all took turns going to the bathrooms and showering in the spider infested showers (More cob webs then spiders…if you call daddy long legs spiders). “Man make fire!” was yelled out by Kenny as he started the fire and began to feed it to get a nice big flame for the night light.


After dinner a teaching was given by Pastor Michael and Pastora Connie about the relationship with the Holy Spirit. This was all followed by a camp site tradition, SMORES. The youth and the leaders all enjoyed themselves as they heated up their marshmallows and made their sandwiches with the chocolate and graham crackers. The night grew colder and we all knew that temperatures would drop fast and we were tired and ready to call it a freezing night of a low 38 degrees.

Sunday morning, cold, but we made it. Everyone was ready to get up and eat breakfast made by the leaders. The teaching to follow by leaders Kevin and Amy regarding relationship choices. It was a fun morning and everyone was talking about the previous day, but it was soon time to start packing and heading home. Breaking down all the tents, packing all the bags and making sure everyone was ready to go was a task much easier then everyone thought. We were ready early and we had time to chat and mingle before we were once again in our cars, this time heading back home to the Sup of the Lord. A quick stop at the gas station to fill up the tanks and to get the very necessary coffee for some of the leaders (Pastora Connie, Patricia, Kenny). We are now on our way to start our 50 min to 2 hour trip… lol. This time there was no traffic so we made it as the GPS said we would in 50 minutes.

We arrived at the church and unpacked the cars. The parents were anxiously waiting for their children as the service ended. The good byes were done and the cars were empty. We were all in agreement that the trip was good thanks to the Lord for giving us this opportunity to spend time with everyone and also thanks to Him for changing a few things that were out of our hands but ended up being an awesome time.