Giving is Worship


The word “tithe” means “tenth”. As a worshipful response to the resurrected Jesus we willingly give from the heart a tenth of our income (Hebrews 7:8). This tithe helps all of us to succeed in the personal and corporate call on our individual life and corporate church vision.


In addition to the tithe we give general offerings and alms to the Lord (Matt. 6:3,4; Mal. 3:8). These special alms and offerings are unrestricted and help bless individuals. They can be directed by church leadership as deemed necessary to help further the Kingdom of God.


It is God’s heart desire for us to go unto all the world (Mark 16:15). Giving to our missions fund allows us to minister overseas and helps us send qualified people to train pastors and leaders, build buildings; help overseas pastors, leaders and their families; and change lives with the gospel.


The goal of our local church building fund is to acquire our own building to hold our own services and ministries (2 Samuel 7:27). We can be more effective in training and bringing in pastors and leaders from overseas if we have our own building and training facility. We also continue to build church facilities oversees.