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Pastors Michael and Connie Gibson

Good afternoon SOL members!

We thank and praise God for his grace and mercy in all things. Some of you may have heard the Governor of Virginia has declared an official ban, as of 11am Tuesday morning of gatherings for more than 10 people. Therefore, as the Word of God states, “obey the law of the land”, we will do so.

This message is being sent out to inform the body of SOL ministries, we will not be able to continue having our Sunday services the way we normally do until the ban has been lifted. Wednesday night, the Pastors and Elders will hold a meeting to discuss the best option of maintaining our Sunday service in some fashion and capacity as the weeks continue. Please check your email Thursday – Friday to be informed of how SOL ministries will continue to have Sunday services until the ban is lifted.

So, in summary… Until further notice, please understand we can no longer hold services at our building, but we will have our services in some form (more information to come later in the week). Small groups are to cancel as well until the ban is lifted. Continue praying and reading the word of God at home and praising God no matter the circumstance. Let’s stay strong in prayer and stay connected with each other during this time.

Please continue supporting the kingdom of God by tithing and giving offerings online. If you aren’t sure how to do this please call us or contact us and we will be able to help.

We love you all, stay safe, and keep praying for the Glory of God to be lifted up during this time.

Pastors Michael and Connie