Listen, listen closely, what do you hear? Open your eyes, look closely, what do you see?” The answer to these 2 key questions would be “a faint sound” or “a blurry image” without the use and support of the Media Ministry.

This is the vision of the Media Ministry for Sup of the Lord:

To utilize technology in every possible way to its fullest potential so that we can share the Gospel and spread the Good News.

Although The Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever, our times do change, and we, as a church, must adapt to these changes. You see, technology plays such an important and vital role in the church today that it cannot be placed on the back burner. It is a weapon of warfare when utilized to its maximum potential. It is a bridge that allows us to cross over to the heavenly realm where the Spirit of God abides. Technology is one of those changes, and the Media Ministry will continue to fervently stay up to date with all things related to technology as best as we can.

We want our members and visitors to have a pleasant experience while attending our services, to be able to hear the spoken word and view the written message clearly.