Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30 (NASB)

The Lord Jesus Christ made it quite evident throughout His time on earth that women were very important and had a place in His plan for this life. Sup of the Lord Ministries has taken this example that Jesus set to minister to women and their individual spiritual needs.

Who We Are

Women of Influence is a group of women who come together for the purpose of praise, prayer and service to others. In unity, we help each other and ourselves to grow in the Lord and give glory to His name. We endeavor to display a testimony in our lives which is reflective of the Lord Jesus Christ for the purpose of influencing others.

Within Women of Influence are women of different ages, different situations, different cultures all of which are being renovated in the Lord and His purposes for our lives. Together, we create a network of women that supports and uplifts each other in counsel and prayer.

Our Mission

The mission for Women of Influence is to be an avenue by which each woman of Sup of the Lord Ministries can be renewed and grow in Christ which will not only bring a transformation in her own life but in the lives of those around her – friends, spouse, family, church, community. It is also our mission to become vessels of restoration for the church, being discreet in our speech and daily walk. We desire to impact our community, taking the message of the gospel into the community while supporting the needs which are found. We purpose in ourselves to serve the Lord in all things.

Our Goal

It is the goal of Women of Influence to motivate all women in the Word of God and to increase our daily growth in the knowledge of Him and His ways. We offer several avenues in which this is done:

  • Weekly Women Bible Study
  • Book Club addressing pertinent topics for women
  • Annual one-day Women’s Conference or/and full weekend retreat

In addition, we have activities throughout the year for both ministry and social interaction:

  • Ministry Breakfasts
  • Prayer Walks in nearby parks
  • Movie Nights with life-changing messages
  • Special Christmas event

Also, Women of Influence serves the community in hospital visitations; helping with meal preparation for families in time of need; ministering to the elderly of the community; and prayer and fasting for specific needs.

Our Hope

Through the Women of Influence Ministry, we find ourselves in a safe environment learning of the love Christ has for us which brings us to the healing power of that love and linking us with sisters in His kingdom with whom to walk.

We would like to invite you to join our ministry. Our hope is that in each gathering, event, or activity together we can reach the stature of the virtuous woman that is presented in Proverbs 31, that as Christian women we will be exalted in honor, dignity, and strength in the Lord Jesus Christ.